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Evox Perception Framing

EVOX Perception Framing in Rockville Centre NY

"Change your thoughts, change your life"


Are you feeling...

Emotionally blocked?
Out of control emotionally?
Caught in the same old arguments over and over again?
Sabotaged by your anger?
Trapped by old wounds?
Frustrated with our therapies?
Ready to be free from the past?
Afraid of public speaking?

As a performer, are you...

Choking up when you need to deliver your best performance?
Losing focus at critical times?
Lacking the energy to follow through or finish?
Sabotaging yourself in ways that affect your performance?

Do you wonder...

Why are some people afraid of dogs and other aren't?
Why some people hang on to the past and others move on easily?
Why some people struggle with learning and others don't?

  There are complex questions, but a large part of the answer to each is a difference in perception.  

The EVOX can MAP your perceptions regarding many topics such as health, relationships, work, athletic performance, beliefs about money, etc. After analyzing the MAP, called a Perception Index, it creates a playback situation to allow the body to bring your perceptions to such a level of awareness that it allows you to re-frame the experience, the trauma, the relationship in a way that is healthier by removing these interference's or blockages that are preventing you from performing and functioning at a more successful and abundant level of life.

Perception re-framing doesn't erase the memory, the experience, the trauma or the relationship but allows you to see an event, circumstance, problem or relationship in a different, healthier way.

The primary feedback comes from the energy of your voice therefore it is an effortless process. The recorded voice plots a Perception Index or PI which allows you to see a 2-dimensional visual image of what your perception is on any given topic. By using sound and light stimulation you can change the perception, do another voice recording and visually see the graphic representation of your perceptual re-framing.
The EVOX is an excellent tool for helping with Dental anxiety or phobias thereby allowing you to experiences your dental treatment in a less stressful manner.

At Pure and Simple Health we believe that healing and optimal health are facilitated by living in the present moment. It is important for the healing process to let go of the past. The EVOX is one method of facilitating this process.




Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life
We can help you overcome your emotional roadblocks and will give you practical tools that you can immediately use to create a life that is happy, joyous, and free. Please allow an hour for this appointment.
FEE $125

Testamonials from our clients

I would like to thank Tracy, and PURE & SIMPLE HEALTH, for the wonderful experience of EVOX therapy. I started going because I knew I needed some kind of help. I grew up in a very strict household with a father who had a very heavy hand, which in today's times, would be considered abusive. Two of my brothers died, one through alcoholism and the other suicide. I wasn''t dealing well with things emotionally on the inside, although I seemed fine on the outside. For years, I blocked a lot of it out but eventually it caught up to me. So I decided to try this alternative kind of therapy, and what a blessing it turned out to be! What may have taken years and years of traditional therapy took only a few months time. I worked on several different issues that needed to be healed. The best part was I didn''t have to talk about all the negative stuff that happened. The process was so simple, and yet life changing. I actually began to feel a "shift" in my being after every session. My perception about life changed. My relationships changed. My relationship with myself changed. I learned awareness, forgiveness, and how to love myself. I have a new confidence, and know that I am "good enough" exactly as I am.
Thank you Tracy, I will be eternally grateful to you!!

I saw Tracy for the EVOX session about two months ago and it was the first step in the right direction to help me cope with my anxiety. The session turned out to be very powerful and helped open my eyes to a new way of living. It has overall had a positive impact on all aspects of my life.
28 year old client who has suffered from anxiety since she was 18.

Ironically, when I met Tracy Cleary and EVOX was mentioned as a treatment for phobia issues, I had an immediate intuitive response to say yes. My usual response is to do extensive research first, but I've learned not to say no to intuition
In a very few sessions, that were painless and quite pleasant, I emerged a changed person.  My fear was no longer attached to deep emotional issues, and while I still do not like what I was phobic about, there are no longer panic attacks, desperate feelings of being out of control, and fears of pending encounters.
I can't tell you how or why this worked: only that it did.  Recommend is too mild a word: you have nothing to lose but a small investment of time and money and a lifetime ahead of you free from irrational panic-filled episodes to gain. You are in professional, competent, intelligent, and caring hands.  I am so grateful for Tracy Cleary's natural talents, loving heart, and professional training.
With great gratitude,