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Stellarcleenz, is a natural, chemical-free, anti-microbial pure silver cloth that is scientifically proven to safely kill 99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses on human skin as well as on devices and surfaces. Can be used dry, damp or wet. 

What is unique and distinct about Stellarcleenz is even more timely today as bacteria and viruses are “smart” and becoming more pervasive.  Many of the chemical and alcohol based anti-microbial products on the market build up resistance after repeated use, as well as dry and crack skin exposing one’s body to vulnerable gate- ways into internal systems.

Stellarcleenz are made of 99% pure silver and are NOT Nano plated technology.

  • Stellarcleenz  contain no alcohol, chemicals or toxins and not only are safe; they are portable and easy to stash compactly anywhere.

  • Non-drying and non-irritating, Stellarcleenz will not exacerbate skin conditions or crack or chap skin like alcohol based products or repeated hand washing can.

  • Lab tested for sustained efficacy over 10,000+ wipes and over 500 washes with efficacy remaining at 100%.

  • They are natural and have lasting re-usability making them more economical than many a gel squirt or single-use disposable wipe.

  • Easier to travel with and stash in your purse, car, even pocket, with no chance of spilling or worry about travel restrictions due to carrying a liquid.

  • And they are especially discreet to use in social situations and on business occasions.

  • In addition to use on hands and all other parts of the skin and body, Stellarcleenz are additionally highly effective on surfaces and electronic devices -- wipe down your cell phone after someone borrows it, wipe down a doorknob before touching it, wipe down your grocery cart before letting your child ride in it.  Countless uses and strength never fades over time.

  • So safe, you can send your child in with a StellarCleenz to school in their bookbag and not fear about alcohol poisoning, toxic chemicals, running out of hand sanitizer, or them skipping hand washing because the school is out of soap or paper towels!  Cut down on your little one's infections this year simply by including StellarCleenz in their lunch box to use prior to eating.

Made using an ionic technology in a bath process where 99.99% pure silver is plated to all fibers.



Hand or machine washing is totally optional.  If desired you can use a mild/gentle soap with no bleach or softening agents.

Air dries quickly or can be put in the dryer with no softeners.

 Available in two options: 

One 10" square with pouch or Three 5" squares with one pouch