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Cell Phone Radiation Protection - Radiation 2 Light

Are cell phones dangerous to use? Why take a chance, if you have an easy access to something that can prevent the negative effects of harmful radiations coming from your phone. R2L is an anti-radiation chip that is scientifically-tested to substantially reduce radiations without interfering with your cell phone’s signal. It works by converting RF (Radio Frequency) signal spikes into harmless bursts of energy, which means you are safe always. Just place it on the surface of your cell phone and prevent the penetration of harmful radiations by 70%.
  • Reduces cell phone radiation up to 70%
  • Does not interfere with call quality or clarity
  • Flashes L.E.D. when radiation is being absorbed
  • Sleek design with easy-to-use peel & place application
  • Certified by 2 independent S.A.R. testing labs 

Because of the sleek and thin design of the R2L, you can place it right on top of the case or beneath it. However, a battery charging phone case cannot be used with the R2L.

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