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GoPure Water purification pod


Revolutionary New Water Purification Device


The GoPure Pod is a revolutionary water purification device. Continually purify and enhance your water wherever you go. Just drop the GoPure Pod into any bottle, glass, pitcher or coffee maker to ensures clean, healthy, great tasting water.

Our innovative new water purification technology is designed to assist pH and mineral balance and adsorb occasional impurities and particulatesOne GoPure pod will keep working for up to six months and can treat up to 264 gallons of water over this time. Decrease plastic waste by replacing 2,000 one-liter bottles per one pod! 

  • ELIMINATE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES: One GoPure Pod replaces 2,000     1-liter plastic water bottles, BPA-FREE
  • PURIFY: Adsorbs many soluble impurities and other contaminants
  • PROTECT: against water deterioration and odor helping to preserve freshness and prevent odors that lead to bad taste
  • ENHANCES by re-mineralizing and optimizing PH levels for healthier water
  • PURIBLOC TECHNOLOGY is formulated from Diatomite, the naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms, which is found in all waters on Earth for over 20 million years.

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